quelle age a Sarah?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sarah the first

Little princess is one! Happy birthday my dear girl. Sorry the entry is a wee bit late. 
Throwing a first bday party is a must in Mommy's version of a rough guide for a beautiful & successful parenting.  N yours were princess-ishly lovely. Theme was White n pastel pink . The cake was amazing.  I made  redvelvet cupcakes + butter cheese cupcakes for the event;))
  Bought u a pastel floral dress a day before n a pair of shoes which u refused to put on:p 
Love u so much little beaux. Muahx muahx

big love little sarah

 Sarah is such a smart girl.her first word is 'nak' at 9 month of age. such a good choice . easy to ask and demand for things ;))

sarah et maman on eid 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

she can walk!

Sarah can walk! yesterday 9/9/2013 she showed off her newly discovered gross motor ability, walking independently! she has been taking a few independent steps for the past 2 weeks, and yesterday, with the classic broad base baby gait, she eventually walks. Am so proud of you little girl.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sarah's first tooth

Sarah has grown a tooth! A lower left front tooth has emerged on mama and papa's 5th wedding anniversary! Harris' first tooth came out on his first birthday. Smart kids you are. Choosing dates that are easy to remember.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Growing up with baby sarah

9 month old baby sarah can wave bye bye, hand a toy to mommy, casting and crawls on all four! Separation anxiety is quite marked. The book says babies think they and their mommies are 1 entity until they reached 2 year old.im not complaining at all;)) she is 8.5 kg now.
Sarah dear mommy is sleepy now. I ll write more later.. love you j t aime and a plus m'amour; x

Thursday, February 28, 2013

first fever and its the varicella!

salut mes amis

Ok, when you have a blog for your kids , you mainly want to write about significant things that had happened to them right. so when your child got her first fever , it is kind of an important infantile history especially when that fever was caused by CHICKEN POX!
that's what happened to Sarah  :(
on friday night of January 18th, i noticed there were 3 small serous filled vesicles on sarah's scalp, forehead and abdomen respectively. Harris also had the same vesicles , one at the groin region and 2 at the knee.
my initial thought was how one earth my babies got infected by moluscum contagiasum ? ( the clear serous vesicles really looks like MC!)
then suddenly when we woke up the next day there were like more than dozen new lesions erupted. Oh my , could't believe sarah contracted varicella zoster infection at this age!
she started to develop fever by day 4 of lesion and she was miserable for 3 days :( so did Harris. poor babies.
but they recovered well.  at this moment they still have  the residual scarring ,i just hope they wont be permanent. huhu.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sarah's new room

so much to say about our lovely little sarah :)

She is really the apple of my eye.

her first social smile was as early as 5 weeks old, and she has started cooing and squeal with delight by 7 week old !

when we weighed her at 9 week old , she was 6.2 Kilos. thriving so fast!

she doesn't like drinking my breast milk from the bottle. so it was quite a challenge when I am away. I'm sorry little angel but mommy has to work :(

oh her room is probably my favorite part of  our new house. perhaps it's more like Sarah themed room rather than sarah's room for now :P i don't have the recent picture of her room in my mobile phone. i'll post her day bed later ;)

 and oh , by the end of my maternity leave i  managed to stock about 45 bottles/bags of EBM  for little sarah. I have started working since 4 days ago. so far she's doing well, though she doesnt like being fed with the artificial teats.. haiihh sarah. you're adorable, mommy misses you dearly much from my workplace!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sarah got jabbed

yesterday sarah went for her first health clinic visit  to get her 1 month old vaccination ( hep b second dose). She was 1 month and 2 days old ( day 33) .

 She was sleeping most of the time  and continued to sleep prior to the jab despite various effort to wake her up!She cried briefly the minute the vaccine was injected into her right thigh muscle and continued her beautiful sleep right after the needle was out.tough girl you are ! ;)

She is thriving really well. By now she is 4.6 Kg ( she was 4 kg by day 21) , 54 cm in length and her head circumference is 37 cm.
I also have begun pumping  to prepare for her milk stock once I start working soon. managed to get 15 bottles so far (about 4-5 oz in each bottle). each session lasted 10 to 15 minutes. hope to get a freezer full of  EBM by the end of this three month leave ;)

mes enfants - getting cozy yesterday after the clinic visit

Sarah's EBM stock after 2 weeks

Sunday, October 21, 2012

bienvenue Sarah!

assalamualaikum my dear little girl. Welcome to this little planet  Sarah :)

Sarah was born on September 20th 2012 at 05H05.

She weighed 3.2 Kg at birth, she was 50 cm in length and her head circumference  was 34 cm - all parametres are within average values.

I have written in length on my  experiences while being pregnant  as well as on my dear little princess' arrival.
you may read them at mommy's blog  ;-)

Your presence has doubled the amount of love and joy in  our little family. and the sun is much brighter now :)

i love you dearly , muahxx


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sarah home photoshoot

Little angel Sarah

Day 7 of life - 26/09/2012

Day 13